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Chawton House is hosting a series of online summer creative writing workshops with writer and editor Claire Thurlow. We are offering two (1.5 hour) slots every weekend (choose from either Sat morning or Sun afternoon).

There are limited spaces so you will need to book your place in advance. The cost is £7.50 per session.

JULY - Writing a Children’s Book
Sat 18th - 11am UK BST
Sun 19th - 5pm UK BST

Would you like to write for children but don’t know where to start? This taster session will provide suggestions to get your ideas off the ground, and consider everything from picture books to young adult novels.

AUGUST - Memoir and Family History
Sat 22nd - 11am UK BST
Sun 23rd - 5pm UK BST

Is there an episode in your life you want to capture on paper? Perhaps there’s an ancestor whose story shouldn’t be forgotten. Or have you researched the family tree and want to bring it together in narrative form? This workshop will provide tips on how to research and write these personal stories.

SEPTEMBER - Writing Historical Fiction
Sat 26th - 11am UK BST
Sun 27th - 5pm UK BST

Has Chawton House inspired you to write a Regency drama? Or perhaps you’re fascinated by the Elizabethans or Victorians. This workshop will consider the elements that make successful historical fiction and how you make that slice of history come alive.

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