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Complementing our current special exhibition, we are delighted to announce our new Expert Talk 'Fairies in Illustration'delivered by curator Geoffrey Beare.

The talk will provide an overview of the different ways in which fairies, elves and goblins were portrayed by illustrators between 1850 and the late 1980s.

It will be illustrated with a variety of images, some familiar and many unfamiliar. It will include an overview of William Heath Robinson’s depiction of the ‘fairy world’ at different stages of his career and of the blossoming of flower fairies during the inter-war years.

About the Speaker: Geoffrey Beare is Collections and Exhibitions Manager at the Heath Robinson Museum. He is chairman of the Imaginative Book Illustration Society (IBIS) and edits and designs the Society’s publications and is curator of the current special exhibition.

Refreshments provided in the museum before and after the talk.


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