Organised by the Kent Volunteer Fundraising Committee

Spies, Lies and Double Cross Agents - Stories from Bletchley Park

Lecture | The Kippington Centre

Tuesday 17 February 2015 - 14:00

Michael Kushner, from last Kent's guided tour of Bletchley Park last April, will lecture on the history and the fascinating stories surrounding Station X at Bletchley Park, much in the news recently because of the restoration work and The Imitation Game, the excellent film about Alan Turing. To appreciate this talk you must disengage your disbelief! In World War II, Germany attempted to send agents into Britain by parachute, by dinghy from a U-boat, or even disguised as refugees. Owing to the brilliant code breaking at Bletchley Park, the British knew exactly who, how and when they would arrive. They were arrested and given two choices - to work for the British, or to go on trial for treason. This talk explains the web of deceit woven by the British and believed by the Germans for the duration of the war, which helped to develop Operation Fortitude and enabled the successful deployment of troops on D-Day 1944.

Following the talk there will be the Committee's special afternoon tea.

This event has been organised by the Kent Volunteer Fundraising Committee to help raise money for the Art Fund.

Venue information

The Kippington Centre

Kippington Road, Sevenoaks, TN13 2LL

Entry details

£20 (includes Committee's special afternoon tea)

To book, please contact Jane Johnson on

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