The History of the Catacombs of Rome and their rediscovery during the Counter-Reformation

Talk | The Wallace Collection

Thursday 28 November 2013 - 14:30 until 15:30

This talk covers the origins of the Catacombs of Rome and the extraordinarily varied art that adorns them. The art historian Geri Parlby dispels the myth that persecuted Christians hid inside the burial site tunnels, instead focusing on the more unusual habits practised underground, such as the tradition of dining with the dead. Some of the oldest symbols of Christianity are found within the catacombs, from the iconic fish to the mysterious praying female figures, exquisitely depicted in frescoes and sarcophagi carvings.

This event has been organised by a local supporter group to help raise money for the Art Fund.

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The Wallace Collection

Hertford House, Manchester Square, W1U 3BN

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