Royal Silver & Royal Beds

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Monday 18 June 2012 - 18:00 until 21:00

Join us for an evening reception and talks at Temple Newsam on two pieces from the collection with Royal connections.

James Lomax, Curator Emeritus, will talk on Plate for a Royal Embassy. Every ambassador from the 16th century onwards was issued with a suite of plate from the Royal Jewel House, whose magnificence was to enhance not only his own standing but that of his country. Such a piece is the recently acquired Wentworth Wine Cistern, which was like so much ambassadorial plate never returned but was retained as a perquisite of office.

The second talk is by Polly Putan on Queen Anne's State Bed. Commissioned in 1711 by the Earl Poulett in anticipation of a Royal visit , this bed has been restored to its original splendour with hangings of crimson silk and has also regained its original form as an Angel Bed.

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