Fit for a King? Royal Patronage of the Arts in Medieval England

Lecture | the Society of Antiquaries of London

Tuesday 1 November 2011 - 14:30 until 16:30

The third lecture of the series held at the Society of Antiquaries of London.

The kings and queens of medieval England spent lavishly on works of art. Visual display was essential to their authority. They had to be seen to enjoy the best of everything, from the most grandiose palaces and sensational processions to clothes, jewellry, tapestries and metalwork.

Massive expenditure on the arts also stemmed from religious belief and in order to secure the fate of their souls and those of their subject, monarchs commissioned churches, church finishings, finely illuminated prayer books and religious images.

This talk will look at the surviving pieces and examine why spending on the arts was considered so important.

Venue information

the Society of Antiquaries of London

Burlington House Picadilly, W1J 0BE

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Tickets £10,

Call 0844 415 4151 Monday to Friday 9am−5.30pm

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