Victorian Gothic Oxford Keeble College & National History Museum

Guided Tour | Various

Tuesday 25 October 2011 - 13:30 until 17:00

The image of academic Oxford is of ancient 'dreaming spires' and golden limestone. However with the enormous expansion that took place in the centre of the city during the 19th century. Two buildings from this period are Keble College and Oxford's own Natural History Museum, sited opposite one another on Parks Road. The Natural History Museum is an iconic neo-Gothic building, directly influenced by Ruskin in its design and architecture.

William Butterfield, Keble's architect, was chosen for his chosen for his proven track record as an exponent of the Gothic style, as well as his High Anglican principles, and the college is noted for its polychromatic brickwork.

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Oxford, Radcliffe Square, OX1 4

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Tickets £18

Meet at 1.30pm in Radcliffe Square, by the Bodleian for a guided tour of both buildings.

Contact Lisa Green 01494521750

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