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Friday 10 June 2011 - 10:30 until 16:30

Here is a chance to visit some of the UK's most talented creative minds prior to the opening of their studios to the general public. Many of you will be familiar with Chrysalis Arts and will have visited their premises in Gargrave with Martin Arnold. Now you have the opportunity to call on some of the artists accredited to the scheme and see them at work. All the artists are based in the Harrogate area (the list of participating artists will be sent to you on purchasing your ticket). You are at liberty to chose which of these artists' work you would like to see, but as a member of the Art Fund you will be most welcome in their work-space and have a chance to get to know their work better.

Programme: 10.30-11.00am muster at Roger Snowden's Gallery Dunkeswick. Look for the Art Fund sign on the left side of the road, half a mile north of Harewood Bridge. There is ample parking. At 3.30pm we will meet up at Farrah's Cafe in Central Harrogate for their traditional afternoon tea and you can tell us all of the discoveries you have made!

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North Yorkshire Open Studios

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