Lecture: The Staffordshire Hoard

| Digby Memorial Church Hall

Sunday 28 November 2010

This lecture will review the significance of a cache of mostly 7th century AD precious objects found in a field in Staffordshire in July 2009, subsequently acquired by a consortium of museums with the help of the Art Fund. Many of the artefacts are from weapons, unlike any previous assemblage found in England.

Topics to be considered are its precise date, the reason for its collection and the decision to bury it in a part of England not noted for its burials and the religious and cultural ideas represented.

The lecture will be given by Professor David Hinton, Emeritus Professor of Archeology at Southampton University and a foremost authority on the Anglo-Saxon world, in particular its metalwork. He has published widely on the subject.

Venue information

Digby Memorial Church Hall

Sherborne, DT9 3NL

Entry details

Tickets £12 (includes tea)


Contact David Orr (Dorset) 01300 321087, Elisabeth Rutherford (Somerset) 01458 223595

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