Visit: Topolski Century at the studio of Feliks Topolski

| Hungerford Arches Studio

Feliks Topolski was a Polish artist who, after travelling extensively around Europe between 1933 and 1939, came to England during the Second World War and became an official war artist. Throughout his long life, Topolski met and drew many major figures of the last century and witnessed historic events such as the Military Tribunal at Nuremburg and the Cultural Revolution in China. He was also in Vietnam when the war there was escalating. In 1975 he began a huge narrative painting, in his studio close to the Royal Festival Hall, reflecting his life and the important events of the 20th century, which he continued until just days before his death in 1989. This work has recently been restored after a wide public appeal. His son, Daniel Topolski, will give a two hour tour around his father's great work.

Venue information

Hungerford Arches Studio

London, SE1 8XU

Entry details

30 (includes lunch and tour. 15 for tour only). Apply to Sally Machin, 01909 480442

12:30pm lunch, 2:15pm tour
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