Visit: Spott House, Gunsgreen House and Netherbyres Garden


Spott House has been home to various owners since the 13th century. It holds the dubious distinction of playing host to the last executions carried out during the Scottish witch hunts of the 17th and 18th centuries and Oliver Cromwell is reputed to have stayed at the house during the second Battle of Dunbar in 1650.

Gunsgreen House is a little known work by John Adam, built for the Merchant Supremo of a Scottish Smuggling Empire, John Nisbet. The ambitious Palladian front of the house stands as a striking testament to the aspirations of this merchant at the business end of smuggling. The house was rescued by the Gunsgreen House Trust in 2000 and as a result of the Trust's painstaking restoration much of significance has been revealed about this intriguing building, surely the most impressive monument to the smuggling trade in Britain.

In the afternoon visit Netherbyres garden, famous for its unique 18th century elliptical walled garden.

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£35 (includes coach, coffee, lunch and guided tours) Apply to Wendy Cochrane, 01620 842839 Coach departs Haddington 9:15am
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