Visit: Drayton House and St Peter's Church, Northamptonshire

| Drayton House and St Peter's Church

Begun in the 1300, Drayton House came by direct descent to the Sackville family in 1770, whose descendants live there today. A magnificent courtyard by William Talman, and a dining room with a superb plaster ceiling of the 1770’s, the house also features ironwork by Jean Tijou, a recently restored embroidered State Bed, and furniture by Gerreit Jensen. Hear a talk by architectural historian and archivist Bruce Bailey.

St. Peter’s Church is given a 4 star rating by Simon Jenkins in 'England’s Best 1000 Churches'. A masterpiece of English Perpendicular with a spectacular octagon tower, rare medieval glass and the superb Greene effigies. Not to be missed.

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Drayton House and St Peter's Church

Lowick Northamptonshire

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39, inc coffee and lunch, Apply to Annabel Kennedy, 01908 563162 9am - 4pm
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