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| Stowe School

Stowe ‘palace’ is one of the most magnificent houses in Europe. It survives thanks to its conversion to a school in 1923. It is an astonishing legacy to Vanbrugh, Kent, Adam, Gibbs, Leoni and Soane, who all made their contributions to the house and staterooms. In 1989, the landscaped gardens were handed to the National Trust. With several lakes, dozens of romantic classical temples scattered amongst the majestic woodlands and valleys dug by hand, it merits unhurried exploration – not least to discover the political and allegorical significance of the structures. Restoration on a large scale began in 1997 and much of the house has been returned to its former splendour.

The day will start with refreshments in the State Dining Room, followed by a tour of the house. Bring a picnic which you will be able to enjoy in the grounds or, if it rains, in the South Front Portico, which has one of the finest views in England. Bring stout walking shoes, as an informal but energetic tour of the gardens (2/3 miles) will be led by Michael Andrews after lunch. Tea may be taken in the National Trust caf until 5pm.

Disabled facilities are available. Contact Anne McEvoy, 01280 818320. There will be an admission charge for those who are not members of the National Trust.

Venue information

Stowe School

Buckingham, MK18 5EH

Entry details

11. Apply to Valerie Barnard, 0117 942 1698 10.30am
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