Visit: Brompton Cemetery and Catacombs

| Meeting place: The Chapel

Many famous Victorians were buried in this fine example of a 19th-century metropolitan cemetery. It has over 35,000 monuments and a grand chapel, built in the style of St Peter’s Basilica in Rome.

This visit includes a viewing of the rarely opened catacombs which lie under the colonnades. Oak coffins with brass plaques – some still topped by desiccated wreaths placed there by mourners in the 1860s – can be seen amid the damp and gloom. Visitors begin the visit with tea in the chapel before being taken on the tour by Terence Bendixson, who has an ancestor buried in the cemetery.

Venue information

Meeting place: The Chapel

Brompton Cemetery Fulham Road London, SW10 9UG

Entry details

Tickets 18 (includes refreshments).

To book, please call 0870 050 3688.

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