Lecture: "Dr John Wall, Founding Father of Worcester Pottery"

| RGS Worcester and the Alice Ottley School

To mark the tercentenary of the birth of Dr John Wall, MD (1708-1776), we have arranged a lecture by Harry Frost, Curator of the Raven Mason Collection, Keele University, and formerly Curator of the Worcester Porcelain Museum.

John Wall had one of the most enquiring and active minds of his day, principally embracing the somewhat separate worlds of medicine and porcelain manufacture amongst a backdrop of numerous other interests. A Whig, Dr Wall's llife had many facets and he became one of the most intriguing figures in Worcester society.

This talk will take place in the lecture theatre adjoining the Perrins Hall at RGS Worcester and the Alice Ottley School, Upper Tything, Worcester, with parking available outside the hall. Afterwards there will be a reception with wine and refreshments.

For tickets contact Anne Carter on 01299 851251

Venue information

RGS Worcester and the Alice Ottley School

Upper Tything Worcester

Entry details

15 6.30pm
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