A Christmas Evening

| Stevenson House

The Art Fund Lothians Committee welcomes you to a Christmas Evening reception and tour of Stevenson House near Haddington, by kind invitation of Mr and Mrs Raymond Anderson Green. The Anderson Greens will be giving a personal tour of their lovely house.

The present house dates from the sixteenth century with the Sinclairs owning it for about 300 years from 1624. In the original account of Hertford’s invasion of Scotland in 1544, specific mention is made of an expedition from Haddington with the object of razing to the ground the ancient ‘fortalice’ of Stevenson. It proved to be an easy objective, for the homesteads and villages of Markle, Traprain, Kirklandhill, Hetherwick, Belton and east Barnes were also demolished by the invaders before they encamped at Dunbar. 400 years later (1940-1945) a unit of our Polish Allies was quartered in its precincts. Neglect and abuse during this occupation had reduced it to a state of chaos. The restoration was put in hand by Dr John and Mrs Dunlop, who acquired Stevenson in 1946 and the work was virtually completed by 1958.

The present owners, Raymond and Anita Anderson Green, have restored it further, and Stevenson immediately gives the impression of a peaceful and enchanting family home. For generations the house has been renowned for its hospitality and this evening will be no exception as, following the reception and tour, it will finish with carols round the Christmas tree.

Tickets (members only) available from Mrs Timothy Jackson: 01620 842136

Venue information

Stevenson House

Haddington, East Lothian

Entry details

Tickets 20, includes canapes with wine

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