Talk: Prague During the Reign of 'Monarcha Mundi' Charles IV of Luxembourg

When Bohemian King and German Emperor Charles IV of Luxembourg arrived in the city from Paris in 1333, he found it a place of desolation. By the time of his death in 1378, he and his architects and cultural advisors had transformed it into Gold Prague – a city half Eastern (Slav) and half Western. Charles rebuilt its cathedral, and laid out a vast new town around the old medieval one. He re-activated the myths of the city's Slav history, transforming the capital into a European centre of religious devotion. Through processions, pilgrimages and relic exhibitions, 14th-century Prague came to be seen as a second Rome and a second Jerusalem, acting as a huge theatrical backdrop for the presentation of Charles as King of Bohemia and ‘monarcha mundi' – ruler of the world.

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