View: Renaissance Faces: Van Eyck to Titian at the National Gallery

Curator Susan Foister gives an introductory talk at our private view of this landmark exhibition featuring works by the great Renaissance masters of Northern and Southern Europe, including Bellini, Botticelli, Drer, Van Eyck, Holbein, Lotto, Pontormo, Raphael and Titian.

Displaying over 70 paintings, sculptures, drawings and medals, this exhibition provides insights into fundamental issues of likeness, memory and identity, while revealing a remarkable community of princes, envoys, merchants, clergymen, tradesmen and artists.

Booking information: please contact 0870 050 3688

Venue information

Opening times

Daily, 10am – 6pm (Fri, 10am – 9pm)

Closed 24 – 26 Dec and 1 Jan

Entry details

13 9.00-10.00am
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