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| Historic Frome

The past centuries of Frome's glory have been washed to the backwaters of todays' bustling town. Our walk will visit these old streets and buildings with local historians and archivists, Michael McGarvie and John Birkett-Smith. We will stop for tea, provided by the Frome WI Market, at the Rook Lane Arts Centre. This is arguably one of the most beautiful buildings in Frome, built as a congregational meeting house in 1707. A contemporary art exhibition, 'Arts 303', will be showing in the main hall. This walk will only be for the able-bodied as itwill take some two hours and the streets are very steep and uneven.

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Historic Frome

Tourist Information Office, Frome

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Please make a seperate cheque payable to The Art Fund, Bath and Bristol, and enclose an SAE. Return to Ms E Williamson, C/o 1FF, 7 Ainslie's Belvedere, Lansdowne, Bath BA1 5HT. Tel. 01255 315001

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