Three Summer Gardens in The Veryan Area

| Veryan Area

Commitee members, Michael and Jackie Taylor invite visitors to their delightful house for lunch and to enjoy their art and gardens. Nearby is Lamorran, where visitors gather at 10.30 for coffee and a garden visit before mocing on the Taylors at Tippetts Cottage. We move then to Trist House for a third visit and tea. Lamornan, Tippets and Trist are in close proximity. Car sharing may be a good idea, and maps will be sent out to Art Fund members who book this event.

Venue information

Veryan Area

Entry details

£14.50, cost including all meals and special garden visits

Send a cheque payable to the Art Fund and SAE to Dr and Mrs Taylor, Tippets Cottage, Tregony, Truro, Cornwall, TR2 55U

10.30am- 5pm
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