'The Saving of Dumfries House and Contents'

| Oxenfoord Castle

Those who were priveliged to visit Dumfries House under Bute ownership experienced a world that had been lost elsewhere - a mid-eighteenth century house with its full complement of original furniture, much of it in the original positions following delivery between 1759 and 1766, scrupulously maintained over two and a half centuries. As a result, Dumfries House contains Scotlands most important and extensive collection of eighteenth- century rococo furniture.

Caroline Knight, who knows Dumfries House well is coming up from London where she is the Course Tutor on the High Renaissance Baroque course for the V & A. She has also been a N.A.D.F.A.S. lecturer since 1992 and runs courses in Scotland with Cindy Shaw-Stewart at Ardgowan on Scottish Art and Architecture.

For tickets please contact Mrs Wendy Cochrane. Tel. 01620 842839

Venue information

Oxenfoord Castle

Pathhead Midlothian, EH37 5UB

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£15 6.15 pm for refreshments before the lecture starts at 7.00 pm
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