Art Happens: All Modern Art is Left Wing

| Purcell Room, Queen Elizabeth Hall

Twentieth-century art and art literature are often concerned with the rebellious, the underdog and people on the fringes of society championed by liberal left politics.

But with the rise of a powerful neo-conservative force led by George W Bush in America and the backlash against New Labour in the UK, why aren't the artists of the 21st century creating work that supports powerful right-wing ideals?

Have conservatism- radical or otherwise- and art ever gone hand in hand?

Join Conservative Minister for Culture Ed Vaizey, Tim Marlowe, Director of Exhibitions at White Cube, and cultural commentator Munira Mirza, for what we expect to be a heated debate.

Booking information: Please telephone 0870 050 3688

Venue information

Purcell Room, Queen Elizabeth Hall

Southbank Centre Belvedere Road London, SW1

Entry details

12 (includes a glass of wine)
6.30pm (for talk at 7.00pm)
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