Wiltshire Churches Visit

| Wardour Castle

This year we stray across the border into South Wiltshire, west and north of Salisbury, and again we are fortunate to be tutored and entertained by Patrick Moule of the Dorset Historic CHurches Trust. We begin at the Wardour Castle Chapel, by Soane, rich ly finished and with a fine organ, which will be played. Then Tisbury, full of good things from every period in the middleages and Amesbury Abbey, part 13th Century, mostly 14th and well restored by Butterfield. After lunch, Great Durnford St Andrew on the River Wylie, 13th century with contents of the greatest interest and finally Wilton, an 1840 exercise in Italian Romanesque by David Brandon. There will be tea and coffee at the appropriate moments.

The tour will be repeated on 4 September 2007

For further information, contact:

David Orr Esq
Grovestall Farm

Tel: 01929 405 697

Venue information

Wardour Castle

Near Tisbury Wiltshire, SP3 6RR

Entry details

15 Meet at Wardour castle at 10 am
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