Layer Marney Tower and Ingatestone Hall

| Layer Marney Tower

Layer Marney Tower is a spectacularly tall gatehouse, built to rival Hampton Court. It is the finest in England, with terracotta battlements and window dressings and a complex design with subsidiary smaller towers towards the corners. We climb the seven stores to the roof to admire the Tudor chimneys, terracotta carvings and views of the sea. The church and an outbuilding with magnificent roof are included in the tour. Ingatestone Hall has been the home of the Petre family since 1540 and the personal possessions displayed reflect that long heritage. There are also two fine Stubbs and two Mortlake tapestries, a number of priests holes and some good family portraits.

For tickets, please send a cheque and stamped addressed envelope to:

John Brasier
1E Telegraph Lane East

Venue information

Layer Marney Tower

Nr Colchester Essex, CO5 9US

Entry details

Tickets: 37

Coffee and biscuits will be available on arrival.

Please make cheques payable to:

The Art Fund, Norwich

8.30 am
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