Arthur Melville: Adventures in Colour

The first survey of the radical and influential watercolourist for over 35 years.

Arthur Melville's fascination with brilliant light and bold compositions made him one of the most radical and innovative Scottish artists of the 19th-century. His travels across exotic destinations such as Persia, Egypt, Turkey and Morocco led him to develop an incredible watercolour-and-gouache technique that captured the intense light and heat of these landscapes, with the resulting paintings often been compared to stained glass.

This landmark exhibition is the first in over 35 years devoted solely to the artist, tracing his travels as well as his time at home in Edinburgh, where he became a close associate of the Glasgow Boys.

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The Sapphire Sea is considered on of Melville's most important works. The dramatic composition depicts a stunning port overwhelmed by the dazzling deep blue of the sea, and is an excellent example of his idiosyncratic wet-on-wet painting technique.

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Scottish National Gallery The Mound Edinburgh EH2 2EL 0131 624 6200

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£4.50 with National Art Pass (£9 standard)

Daily, 10am ​ 5pm (until 7pm Thur)

Extended opening until 6pm during August