Spencer Finch

Turner Contemporary

24 May – 21 September 2014

New and recent works by the American artist, which reflect on the changing coastal light of Margate and other sites.

Spencer Finch transforms his observations of the world into glowing installations of light and colour. This exhibition includes a new site-specific ‘cloud’ sculpture, which hangs suspended in the north gallery. Made from simple translucent filters, its transparency alters as the natural light changes throughout the day in order to recreate the effect of a passing cloud.

Also on display is Back to Kansas, which replicates colours from scenes in The Wizard of Oz in a grid of painted squares. These have been scaled proportionally according to the original aspect ratio in which they were first projected. As daylight fades the colours gradually evaporate, a reversal of the transition from black and white to Technicolor that occurs in the film.

Other new work by the artist includes a brightly coloured fluorescent sculpture made in response to the horizon line in Margate, and a group of drawings which recreate the changing natural light on the artist’s studio wall over time.

Finch has also chosen seven works by JMW Turner to accompany the exhibition, one being 'A Wreck (possibly related to Longships Lighthouse, Land's End)' which the artist keeps a postcard of in his New York studio.

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Tue – Sun and Bank Holidays, 10am – 6pm
Closed 25 – 26 Dec

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