Haim Steinbach: Once Again The World Is Flat

Key works from his 40 year career, during which he has redefined the status of the object in art.


In his early work, Haim Steinbach explored the limitations of Minimalism, painting calculated placements of coloured bars around monochrome squares. But as his career progressed, he decided to abandon painting and turn his focus to material linoleum, which he used to recreate a range of historical floor designs. 

By the late 1970s, Steinbach was interested in how space could be used within structure, as well as the daily rituals of collecting and arranging objects. He began to place items drawn from a variety of contexts onto different kinds of shelving units - anything from handmade constructions to modular building systems.

Here, a series of Steinbach's new works - made specially for the Serpentine Gallery - are shown alongside reconfigured versions of his historical installations and a number of grid-based paintings from the early 1970s.  

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In order to reveal more about individual collecting habits, Steinbach has invited members of the public to display their personal salt and pepper shakers in the gallery, alongside an account of the object's history.

The Serpentine has also invited curators from a range of private and public institutions – including the Zabludowicz Collection and the Museum of Childhood in London and Manchester’s Whitworth Art Gallery – to select works from their collections to be incorporated in the exhibition.

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