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Venice: Serene Republic with a Prince, by Paul Hills - sold out

  • The Wallace Collection |
  • Talk |
  • Thursday 16 March 2017 - 14:30 until 15:30

Venice was exceptional amongst the city-states of Renaissance Italy in being a republic and yet ruled by a prince or doge. This lecture will examine how the ethos of the Serenissima, its guiding myths and its social structure shaped Venetian patronage. Paul Hills, Professor of Renaissance Art at the Courtauld, will emphasize how attitudes to wealth, time and tradition are manifested in Venice’s architecture and art, from the Byzantine Basilica of San Marco to the paintings of Bellini and Titian.

This is the fourth lecture in a series focusing on Italian City States in the Renaissance Period. You might also like to consider these lectures:

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This event has been organised by the London Events Volunteer Fundraising Committee to help raise money for the Art Fund.

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The Wallace Collection
Hertford House, Manchester Square, London London W1U 3BN