Organised by the Cambridgeshire Volunteer Fundraising Committee

Art in the garden: setting and symbol

  • McCrum Theatre |
  • Lecture |
  • Friday 3 February 2017 - 18:30 until 20:00

Dr Twigs Way, garden historian, author, lecturer and researcher for English Heritage, the National Trust and other bodies.  She is interested in social and political aspects of gardens and the portrayal of parks and gardens in art and literature. Her books include Virgins, Weeders and Queens: the History of Women in the Garden; A Nation of Gardeners, exploring the role of gardens in English history; the distressingly popular History of Garden Gnomes; and most recently Carnations: A History in Art and Culture.

The Cambridgeshire committee run a series of lecture which can be booked for £50.

This event has been organised by the Cambridgeshire Volunteer Fundraising Committee to help raise money for the Art Fund.

Venue details

McCrum Theatre
Benet Street, through the arch by the Eagle Pub, Cambridge Cambridgeshire CB2 3QN