Ferozkoh exhibition - Tradition and continuity in Afghan arts

  • Leighton House Museum |
  • Special Event |
  • Monday 18 November 2013 - 11:15 until 12:45

'Tradition & Continuity in Afghan Arts', An exhibition and talk by Dr. Thalia Kennedy, Museum of Islamic Art, Qatar   

Ferozkoh (the Afghan word for “Turquoise Mountain”)  presents  works created for the Exhibition by the students and teachers of Turquoise Mountain’s Institute for Afghan Arts & Architecture in Kabul.   Each item has been inspired by a historic object also on view from the collection in the Museum of Islamic Art in Qatar.  Each pair exemplifies traditions of Islamic art in the modern world and highlights the role of education in their continued transmission and translation.  The works show how Afghan artisans are renewing these traditions, and symbolize,  in the most positive way,  a deep sense of Afghan pride.      

Thalia Kennedy was instrumental in setting up the Institute for Afghan Arts in Kabul whilst working with Rory Stewart for the Turquoise Mountain Foundation.   She is currently a Deputy Director of MIA in Doha and as Head of Education she has been closely involved with the creation of this Exhibition.   Her talk will be followed by a guided tour of the Exhibition, with an opportunity for you to view a short video of Afghan craftsmen at work.  

Leighton House was built by Lord Frederick Leighton in the 1870’s.   He designed a magnificent working studio, but it is perhaps best known for its Arab Hall where he created an unparalleled tribute to Islamic art and a unique space for entertainment.   Some of the objects in the Exhibition will be displayed in the Arab Hall and works by Leighton, Millais and Burne-Jones and other contemporary artists hang throughout the house.   Before and after the event, you will be free to look round the house at your leisure. 

This event has been organised by a local supporter group to help raise money for the Art Fund.

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Leighton House Museum
12 Holland Park Road London W14 8LZ