The Bowes Museum Archive and the Treaty Picture

  • Bowes Museum |
  • Lecture |
  • Monday 7 October 2013 - 14:30 until 16:00

One of the more unusual paintings in the Bowes Museum is the 'Treaty of Hubertusburg', currently hanging in the central gallery. Much of what is known about this painting comes from a series of enquiries made by John Bowes in the 1870's. The responses to these enquiries are in the museum archive. John Findlay will describe this correspondence, together with further researches he has made about the painting. This reveals an intriguing story which brings in a number of colourful characters in 18th century political and artistic history.

This event has been organised by a local supporter group to help raise money for the Art Fund.

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Bowes Museum
Barnard Castle, County Durham DL12 8NP