'The Enigma of Delaroche, Delacroix, and Ingres'

  • The Menuhin Hall |
  • Lecture |
  • Wednesday 20 April 2011 - 10:00 until 12:00

Rebecca Drew compares the work and legacy of three 19th-century French artists: Delacroix the Romantic; Ingres the Neoclassicist; and Delaroche, creator of historical tableaux. At the Salon in 1833, Delaroche’s huge canvas The Execution of Lady Jane Grey outshone works by Delacroix and Ingres, but by the time of his death in 1857, he had been eclipsed by both. Rebecca Drew’s lecture investigates why this happened.

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The Menuhin Hall
Yehudi Menuhin School Stoke d'Abernon Cobham Surrey KT11 3QQ