Visit to The College of Arms, London

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The Garter King of Arms, Peter Gwynn-Jones, has offered a very special evening at the College of Arms in London for a few Art Fund members.

The event will begin at 6.30pm with a tour by Peter Gwynn-Jones around the College, including the Record Rooms, which are normally firmly closed to visitors. The tour will last for an hour to be followed by a buffet supper with wine, sandwiches and cocktail eats.

Peter Gwynn-Jones has been Garter King of Arms since 1995 and will be retiring early next year so this is your last opportunity to be entertained by him. He began at the College in the 1960’s as Bluemantle Pursuivant and then became Lancaster Herald. He has an extensive knowledge of heraldry and has written books on the subject. He is also a considerable artist and designs new coats of arms when required.

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