Towers and Temples, Follies and Grottoes: Architecture for the 18th Century British Garden

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The Georgian landscape garden is widely acknowledged to be one of England’s most important and original contributions to European culture. A special feature of such gardens is the wealth of ornamental buildings in a bewildering range of styles: classical, Gothic, rustic, chinoiserie, Indian, Turkish and even Egyptian. RogerWhite, architectural historian and contributing editor of House & Garden, gives a lecture about towers, temples, summerhouses, gazebos, orangeries, dairies, follies and grottoes – which all come within the scope of this very extensive genre. In the past, such buildings have often been despised and neglected, but they are an indispensible part of the Georgian landscape garden – indeed, many of the
ADth century’s leading architects were at their most original, inventive and whimsical when designing them.

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