Private visit to The Print Room, The Hunterian Art Gallery

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Peter Black, Curator at the Hunterian Art Gallery, will show as a study morning some of the gallery's print collection including works by Albrecht Durer, Lucas Cranach, Mantegna, William Blake, Braque and Chagall.
Glasgow University has, through the generosity of benefactors such as Miss Birney Phillips, Dr James A McCallum and Professor W R Scott, developed an extraordinary collection including a small group of English eighteenth-century items which are believed to be unique or in unique states.

Due to the size of the room and the table, only twelve persons at a time can be seated so there will be two groups and whilst one is seated the other group can view the Whistler etchings on show.

Venue details

Hunterian Art Gallery University of Glasgow, 82 Hillhead Street, GLASGOW Strathclyde G12 8QQ 0141 330 4221