The Intimate Portrait: Exhibition Tour by Curator, Dr Stephen Lloyd

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Why not start off your artistic year with a trip to see just some of the many fabulous exhibitions on in Edinburgh in January? Your overall programme for the day and travel arrangements are up to you, but to start your day the curator of the delightful Intimate Portrait exhibition, Dr Stephen Lloyd, has very kindly agreed to take Art Fund members around this first ever major exhibition held in Britain to focus on the more intimate types of Georgian and Regency portraiture. Another incentive for the visit – shortly after the exhibition closes on 1st February, the Portrait Gallery will also close for a 2˝ year period of refurbishment – so this could be your last chance to see this fascinating gallery until Autumn 2011.

Venue details

Scottish National Portrait Gallery 1 Queen Street, EDINBURGH Edinburgh EH2 1JD 0131 624 6200