Talk: Prague During the Reign of 'Monarcha Mundi' Charles IV of Luxembourg

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When Bohemian King and German Emperor Charles IV of Luxembourg arrived in the city from Paris in 1333, he found it a place of desolation. By the time of his death in 1378, he and his architects and cultural advisors had transformed it into Gold Prague – a city half Eastern (Slav) and half Western. Charles rebuilt its cathedral, and laid out a vast new town around the old medieval one. He re-activated the myths of the city's Slav history, transforming the capital into a European centre of religious devotion. Through processions, pilgrimages and relic exhibitions, 14th-century Prague came to be seen as a second Rome and a second Jerusalem, acting as a huge theatrical backdrop for the presentation of Charles as King of Bohemia and ‘monarcha mundi' – ruler of the world.

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