A day at Frampton Manor and Frampton Court

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Frampton-on-Severn, south of Gloucester, is one of the most fascinating and historic villages of the County. The Clifford family have lived here since the Norman Conquest and Mrs Rollo Clifford will be our hostess. Arriving at 10.30 in our own cars, we will have coffee in the Wool Barn at the Manor.In the morning we will explore this interesting house and its garden. Family tradition holds that it was the home of Fair Rosamund, the mistress of Henry II. Following a sandwich lunch we will cross the Green to the Court, a charming baroque house and its garden.The House is the home of the Frampton Flora, the series of watercolours of local wild flowers recorded by members of the family in the 19th century. They have recently been republished.

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Frampton Manor and Frampton Court
Frampton Court, Frampton on Severn, Gloucestershire Gloucestershire GL2 7EU