Treasure Plus: Previously funded projects

We are pleased to confirm that we have awarded more than £200,000 of funding to support 36 projects.​

The successful museums include:

  • Abergavenny Museum, Discovering Their Treasures – Uncovering the Stories of Abergavenny’s Archaeology (£7,500)
  • Ulster Museum, In Search of El Dorado – Irish prehistoric gold jewellery (£7,125)
  • Treasure House and the Beverley Art Gallery, East Riding Treasures (£2,700)
  • Hall Place and Gardens, Money Makes the World Go Round (£5,000)
  • Bishop’s Stortford Museum, What’s in a seal? Turning a tiny but important treasure find into a story through interactive display (£6,402)
  • Brading Roman Villa, The Brighstone Coin Hoard (£3,400)
  • Buxton Museum and Art Gallery, Medieval coins in context (£9,000)
  • Royal Cornwall Museum, Putting Treasure Back on the Map (£9,900)
  • Cromarty Courthouse Museum, Unearthing the Medieval Royal Burgh of Cromarty (£8,500)
  • Eastbourne, Redoubt Roman Fortress, Treasure (£5,000)
  • Elgin Museum, The Dandaleith Pictish Stone: Its installation in Elgin Museum (£5,000)
  • Ely Museum, Bringing the Bronze Age to Life (£4,000)
  • River & Rowing Museum, Found in the Ground – from Palaeolithic axes to Iron Age Hoards
  • Inverness Museum and Art Gallery, Art in OUR Hands: Treasure from beyond the Frontier (£3,000)
  • Bede’s World, Shining A Light (£4,000)
  • Kendal Museum, Pennies and Pounds: Coinage throughout the years (£6,987)
  • Kirkcaldy Gallery, on behalf of the East of Scotland Museums Partnership, East of Scotland Museums Partnership Touring Exhibition: Treasure Trove finds from the East of Scotland (£4,590)
  • Stewartry Museum, Close Encounters with Tiny Treasures (£7,500)
  • Leeds Museums and Galleries, The West Yorkshire Hoard Display Project (£5,000)
  • Barbican House Museum, Treasuring the Past (£7,800)
  • Ludlow Museum jointly with Shrewsbury Museum , Shropshire Hoards (£6,155)
  • Lancaster County Council Museums Service, The Silverdale Hoard: The story so far (£3,000)
  • Athelstan Museum, Malmesbury Unearthed (£9,990)
  • Manchester Museum, Treasure Box (£2,450)
  • Nantwich Museum, Nantwich Treasure (£8,250)
  • Norwich Castle Museum and Art Gallery, The Rudham Dirk (£1,000)
  • Powysland Museum, Roman coin hoard from Montgomery: Photographing, Conservation, Display and Interpretation (£1,075)
  • Ribchester Museum, Ribchester Museum Centenary Project (£5,000)
  • Saffron Walden Museum, Display of recent Treasure finds and promotion of good public relations concerning the Treasure Act 1996 (£5,150)
  • Torquay Museum, Torbay Treasure Timeline (£7,500)
  • Warwickshire Museum, Treasure in 3 Dimensions (£5,000)
  • Weston Park Museum, Traces of Empire: Decoration and Design in Roman Britain (£5,000)
  • Worcester City Art Gallery, Conserving and sharing the Bredon Hill Roman coin hoard (£4,852)
  • Worthing Museum, Treasures twixt Downs and Sea (£5,000)
  • York Museums Trust, Local Links (£10,000)
  • York Museums Trust, Teaching Prehistory in Yorkshire (£5,000)

Museums and galleries have approached the question of public engagement in a number of ambitious and creative ways, and have demonstrated that a small amount of funding can be used to great effect. For example:

  • Manchester Museum has used its numismatics collection to work with people with dementia.
  • The East of Scotland Museums Partnership has a touring exhibition of recently acquired treasure trove items to be displayed in six venues across the east of Scotland, with many of the museums augmenting the display with items from their own collections.
  • Royal Cornwall Museum developed a new permanent display space in the galleries, conserved items from the collection and created a Hands on History hub which enables visitors to take part in activities linked to areas of the collection.
  • National Museums Northern Ireland has redisplayed two major Bronze Age gold items from the collection at Ulster Museum, commissioned two films linked to these objects, and run activities for visitors of all ages on metalworking.
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