Student Art Pass

The Student Art Pass brings all the benefits of National Art Pass membership for free to university students studying arts subjects.

The Student Art Pass offers students 50% off major exhibitions, plus free entry to hundreds of museums, galleries and historic places across the UK, all year round. The scheme is designed to encourage students to make the most of our national collections and to grow new audiences for museums and galleries.

“The best thing about having a Student Art Pass is being given the opportunity to explore your passion, when without it you simply couldn’t afford to. It’s opened up whole worlds.”

  • Student Art Pass member

Pass holders enjoy updates on all there is to do and see  as part of the nationwide Art Fund community, as well as special opportunities tailored to students. In July 2017 this included “Open Doors with Art Fund”, a free lecture series designed to give art and art history students practical careers advice on making their mark in the art world. Nearly 200 students attended and heard from 14 speakers including: curators and artists on how they founded their own art enterprises; experts in nurturing creative talent and personal branding; museum creatives - from commercial directors and fundraisers to heads of design; and internationally acclaimed artists including Lawrence Lek and Jeremy Deller.

The Student Art Pass was launched at the start of the 2012/13 academic year, when support from two private donors enabled us to offer free passes to students at the Courtauld Institute, Kent University, Canterbury Christ Church University and University for the Creative Arts. The pilot was an instant success, with more than 1,500 students signing up in the first year.

The scheme is possible thanks to private supporters, and over the past five years a consortium of trust and individual donors have helped us to expand the project. Since its inception, the scheme has provided a free Student Art Pass to over 12,000 students at 22 universities nationwide – from Glasgow to the Courtauld Institute, Warwick to Aberystwyth, Manchester to East Anglia.

A passport to art for students across the UK

The scheme has been a huge success with both students and academic staff – in a July 2017 survey, 97% of Student Art Pass holders told us they would recommend the scheme to other students. It is our ambition to continue to grow the scheme across the UK, so that more students can continue to be inspired by our brilliant museums and galleries.


‘Having an art pass makes the world of art open - as a student it has helped me so much with my studies.’

‘…I sat in the room, in sheer wonder at the blends of emotion and colour, [and] the extravagance yet simplicity [of] Zeid's artwork, and I was awesomely overwhelmed. Without the art pass, I would have never experienced such a feeling. I am very grateful that I did. Thank you’

‘…it is the pass to freeing my mind! Without it I wouldn't be able to see half the exhibitions I do...without seeing those I would miss out on the inspiration and learning which then informs my own view of the world and our history.’

Student Art Pass benefits

  • Student pass holders receive unlimited free or discounted entry on student admission at over 240 museums, galleries, and exhibitions across the UK.
  • Students enjoy tailored communications and offers and can engage with public art collections, artists and art experts through a dedicated programme of special events.
  • Universities can empower their students to see more art, directly benefiting their studies and complementing campus resources.
  • Museums enjoy the benefits of growing audiences and increased student attendance.

Find out more

If you are interested in sponsoring the scheme or introducing it at your university (whether you are a student or an employee), contact Alice Regent in our development team: or 020 7225 4847.