DACS Foundation: Art360

We are pleased to support the DACS Foundation's Art360, an ambitious archiving project that will help to digitise works by top British artists and offer advice on how to safeguard Britain’s visual culture.

The Henry Moore Foundation, along with other cultural institutions, supports Art360 The Henry Moore Foundation, Perry Green, Hertfordshire

Our artistic heritage has been preserved using different materials through the ages; from stone to silk, and more recently, the computer screen. There is an increasing amount of work that exists in new forms, on different platforms and across countries. These shifts have disrupted the traditional modes of art collection and preservation. The issue of legacy planning for artists has not been systematically addressed and this has led to cultural assets being depleted more swiftly than ever before.

Art360 will tackle these issues with a three-year programme. Each year, 30 to 40 artists from the Modern British canon (1900 to 2000) and contemporary artists (active between 2000 and 2014) will be invited to explore how cultural heritage in the visual arts can be safeguarded for future generations. Artists will be offered expert advice and technical support for developing sustainable systems to manage their legacies for the future.

The project will pool together the expertise of key cultural institutions: Arts Council England, DACS Foundation, The National Archives, The Henry Moore Foundation and the Art Fund. Find out more about Art360.

In the film below, participating artist Liliane Lijn talks about what technological change means for her archive and legacy. Watch other Art360 films.




Art360: The Gift and its Legacy at Goldsmiths

On 19 February 2016, DACS held a conference at Goldsmiths, University of London to explore emerging trends in the current funding environment, as public funding for the visual arts in the UK has declined significantly to meet austerity targets across national and local governments. The event was chaired by Richard Noble, head of the Department of Art at Goldsmiths, and speakers included artist Michael Craig-Martin and Mary Moore, representative of Henry Moore's Estate and co-founder of the Henry Moore Foundation. Find out more.