Bursaries for Art Fund Curators Workshop and Art Night

The Art Fund is delighted to offer 20 fully funded places for curators to receive special access to selected events as part of the Art Night festival and attend the Curators Workshop.

Alexandra Bachzetsis in collaboration with Julia Born and Gina Folly, FROM A TO B VIA C, 2014 © Alexandra Bachzetsis

Alexandra Bachzetsis in collaboration with Julia Born and Gina Folly, FROM A TO B VIA C, 2014

Art Night

Supported by the Art Fund, Art Night is a free contemporary arts festival that will transform London for one night on 2 July 2016. Ten international artist’s projects, including six new site-specific commissions, feature in a cross-disciplinary programme of art, architecture, dance, design and music – forming a unique trail across central London, from 5pm until the early hours.

Artists include: Alexandra Bachzetsis (Two Temple Place), Nina Beier (190 Strand), Cecilia Bengolea (East Piazza, Covent Garden), Celia Hempton (180 Strand), Koo Jeong (disused Jubilee Line, Charing Cross Underground Station), Joan Jonas and Jason Moran (Southwark Cathedral), Linder (Duke of York Steps, ICA), Laure Prouvost (Admiralty Arch), Jennifer West (St Mary Le Strand), Xu Zhen/MadeIn Company (Somerset House).

Our bursaries will give curators unlimited access to selected events and venues across the festival.

Art Fund Curators Workshop

This workshop led by Art Night curator Kathy Noble will bring together a range of arts and museum professionals to discuss presenting art and interdisciplinary work outside the traditional gallery or museum space, in unusual buildings and public places across the city.

The workshop will use the context and challenges of Art Night as a point of departure to question why and how art can be presented outside traditional institutional spaces and frameworks, and in such a temporary way. The workshop will consider a range of questions that arose when creating this programme, including: the relationship between art and the city; the role of public art and notions of site-specificity; the use of public and private buildings; the types of partnerships negotiated to realise projects such as these; giving public access to unused spaces; and more widely, issues around presenting performance and ephemeral situations. Alongside this, it will ask questions around audiences and access: who are free festivals like this for, why are they needed and and what is their long-term aim.

Attendees will be asked to consider several questions on these topics in advance, in relationship to the region they live in and the audiences they work with.

Event details

Art Night: 2 July, London

Art Fund Curators Workshop: 14 July, 2pm to 4.30pm, ICA, The Mall, London SW1Y 5AH


Applications are open to all museum and gallery professionals who work with public collections. Applicants must be willing to attend both events (Art Night and Art Fund Curators Workshop).

How to apply

Please send us answers of no more than 300 words (in total) to the following questions:

  • What projects have you worked on that have taken place outside the gallery or incorporated unusual locations and why?
  • What do you think the purpose of these types of events is in your location?
  • What do you think artists and audiences can gain from these kinds of projects?

Email your application to programmes@artfund.org with 'Art Night' in the subject line by Friday 24 June at 12noon. We will aim to notify successful applicants by Monday 27 June.

Please note that transportation to/from the events and any associated accommodation costs are not included. If these costs are a barrier for you, please talk to us.