The five works are: Frog and Ox; Hare and Tortoise; Gnat and Lion; Frog, Mouse and Kite; Peacock and Magpie (main illustration).

One of the prime objectives of the Fry Art Gallery is to collect and show work by the influential Essex artist Edward Bawden, whose work reached the height of its popularity around the time of the Festival of Britain in 1951. Bawden was instrumental in setting up the Fry Gallery, supported its work and donated examples of his own work and that of other artists from the northwest Essex area to the collection. Linocuts are an essential part of Bawden's work. In these prints, in addition to the artistic and technical skill that is demonstrated, we are allowed to see a sardonic vein of observation that replaces simple representation. Bawden made this series of his own volition, rather than to commission, and printed it himself.


Printed by the artist; unknown; Sworders Fine Art Auctioneers, 2006.

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