These two chocolate cups were made out of gold mourning rings left to Abraham Houblon, Lady Palmerston's father.

They both have inscriptions inside the scroll handles and on the base of each cup as follows: 1) on the handle, 'Dulcia non meruit qui non Gustavit amara' (he has not deserved sweet unless he has tasted bitter) and on the base 'manibus sacrum'; 2) on the handle, 'Think on yr friends & Death as the chief' and on the base 'MORTUS LIBAMUR' (let us drink to the dead).


Made for Anne Houblon, later Viscountess Palmerston; bequeathed to her husband, 1st Viscount Palmerston; by descent to 2nd Viscount Palmerston; Hon. Edwina Ashley, grandaughter of Sir Ernest Cassel; then by descent.

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