1) Elliptical porcelain bowl, white with wide 'knitted' bronze stripe by Lucie Rie; 2) porcelain manganese glazed bowl with diagonal sgraffito by Lucie Rie; 3) stoneware bowl, white glaze with brown rim and specks by Lucie Rie; 4) slab bottle, Tenmoku with combed decoration by Bernard Leach; 5) slab bottle, brown quartered decoration with stylised fir tree design by Bernard Leach; 6) curved slab bottle, brown with decoration by Shoji Hamada (main illustration); 7) 'Moonpocket', orange with blue oval rim by Elizabeth Fritsch; 8) turquoise porcelain pot with impressed design by Lucie Rie; 9) early blue/indigo glazed bowl with diagonal incised design by Lucie Rie; 10) white porcelain vase with flaring rim by Lucie Rie; 11) round green vase with stem leaf design by Shoji Hamada; 12) rust globular pot with four loop handles by Shoji Hamada.


Mrs Mary Edmonds.

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