1) Pale turquoise stoneware bronze rimmed bowl by Lucie Rie; 2) pale Celadon cuboid bottle by Bernard Leach; 3) eliptical dish with serrated bronze rim, pink and brown interior by Mary Rogers; 4) hexagonal deeply gadrooned brown grey Martinware vase; 5) inlaid footed bowl, green lines on white by Mary Rogers; 6) small inlaid footed cup, brown lines by Mary Rogers; 7) rounded footed bowl qith inlaid brown dots by Mary Rogers; 8) white 'bud' pot by Geoffrey Swindell; 9) small 'Coleshill' vase with incised dog design by Katherine Pleydell-Bouverie; 10) abjua vase with three loops by Michael Cardew; 11) ash-glazed tall vase with bands by Richard Batterham; 12) white spherical pot, rainbow design by Gordon Baldwin.


Mrs Mary Edmonds.

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