1) Cup with central disc by Hans Coper; 2) white textures stoneware vase with flared bronze rim by Lucie Rie (main illustration); 3) pale Celadon fluted cuboid bottle by Bernard Leach; 4) iron rust wax resist decorated cuboid bottle by Shoji Hamada; 5) lustre stem cup, purple and ochre design on white by Alan Caiger Smith; 6) brown bulbous vertically ribbed Martinware pot; 7) pink and gold 'bud' pot by Geoffery Swindell; 8) 'Windblown Collision of Particles' vase with geometric design by Elizabeth Fritsch; 9) black pouring vessel by Lucie Rie and Hans Coper; 10) brown vase with white splash design by Janet Leach; 11-13) three brown vases with white splashes by Robert Fournier.


Mrs Mary Edmonds.

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