Collection of seven books belonging to Evan Gill, the younger brother and biographer of the artist Eric Gill.

Eric Gill lived in Ditchling during the most important years of his career, 1907-1924, during which he extended his skills as a letter cutter into sculpture and engraving. Collection includes: 1) 'Sculpture' by Eric Gill, 1924, St Dominic's Press; 2.) 'Wood Engravings' by Eric Gill, 1919, St Dominic's Press; 3.) 'Art and Love' by Eric Gill, 1928, Douglas Cleverdon Press; 4.) 'Engravings' by Eric Gill, 1929, Douglas Cleverdon Press; 5.) 'Clothes' by Eric Gill, 1931, Jonathan Cape Press; 6.) 'The Lord's Sons' by Eric Gill, 1934, Golden Cockrell Press; 7.) 'Constant Mistress' by Enid Clay, 1934, Golden Cockrell Press.

Artists include


The artist; Evan Gill; Julia Hasler and Yvonne Ayres.

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