Various items of historic costume including: 1.

A rare lady's feather hat; 2. A rare cloth of gold doublet; 3. An emerald and damask lady's banyan; 4. A scottish sack-backed open robe of Lille chine velvet and striped satin; 5. Eight hunt coats and assorted waistcoats, with assorted buttons; 6. English hunting outfits comprising: blue wool side saddle habit of jacket, skirt and breeches together with riding accessories such as hard bowler, cravats, hairpieces, black leather riding boots with lasts; and a red hunt tailcoat; and a pair of man's riding boots and wooden lasts.


2. Lansdowne family; 1 and 3- 6. Castle Howard Collection comprising family heirlooms, the collection of Cecile Hummel and acquisitions of George Howard.

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