Six lots: 1) 'A Great Rock near Tatcul' by Thomas Daniell; 2) 'Papanasam' by Thomas Daniell; 3) 'View of an Entrance to the Temple at Kerdah, Near Barrackpore' by James Moffat; 4) 'Sal Trees in the North of Rohilcund' by Thomas Longcroft; 5) 'Dancing Girls and Musicians, Coromandel, Madras' by Col Christopher Green; 6) Three works by Robert Hyde Colebrooke - 'A Hill Fort at Anchitty Droog' & 'A Pagoda at Magree' & 'A Temple at Mysore'.

Collection includes works by East Indian Company military or civilian amateur artists as well as professional artists. Mildred Archer worked as an expert on British artists in India, and catalogued in a series of publications all the drawings in the India Office collections which the British Library also holds.

Artists include


Purchased by, or given to, WG and Mildred Archer mostly during 1960s-70s; Christie's 2003.

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